Pete and Sebastian entertain listeners through pandemic life with frequent episodes filled with hilarious stories.

Coronavirus Specials episodes
Episode # Release date
412 June 4, 2020
Pete prepares to go under the knife and Sebastian becomes a Zoomedian!
411 May 29, 2020
Quarantine cooking and hospitality with social distancing.
410 May 21, 2020
Pete visits Fatal Attraction and Sebastian brings props to his Zoom happy hour performance.
409 May 17, 2020
With both Pete and Sebastian on the verge of breakdown, they lift their spirits by watching fading stars do commercials.
408 May 14, 2020
Pete admits to a classless move and the guys question how Amazon works.
407 May 7, 2020
Cheating on the quarantine, murder hornets, celebrity Zoom, drive-in comedy, and the greatest actor who ever lived!
406 May 5, 2020
Frustrated with the quarantine, Sebastian gets some relief on Zoom with the biggest stars in Hollywood!
405 May 1, 2020
Sebastian under performs at an all-star Zoom session and Pete sees some police action at home.
404 April 23, 2020
Pete’s workout turned sexy and he has a questionable parenting incident.
403 April 20, 2020
Sebastian gets tested for the virus and looks into buying an ostrich!
402 April 15, 2020
Sebastian needs some alone time and Pete is back on his feet, trying to invent an escape room for Zoom!
401 April 10, 2020
The “Drinking Cast” goes south immediately as Pete has a painfully, embarrassing mishap and Sebastian hits the wall!
400 April 7, 2020
Sebastian discovers uses for his power washer and Pete writes a corona version of his Manaerio’s!
399 April 3, 2020
Sebastian investigates a possible break-in and Pete gets stranded on a hike.
398 April 1, 2020
Find out how the guys are holding up and hear their review of TIGER KING!
397 March 29, 2020
People in pajamas seem to be enjoying the quarantine like a vacation.
396 March 26, 2020
Pete home schools his daughter about patriotism and Sebastian considers shaving his head bald!
395 March 24, 2020
Not provided.
394 March 21, 2020
In this bonus episode, the guys contemplate the following: Where are the government bunkers? Should we buy guns? And- what shoe supersedes all shoes?
393 March 19, 2020
Other podcasts have all the answers about the coronavirus. We just have questions!

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